The Flowering Dogwood

The Flowering Dogwood. The flowering dogwood ( cornus florida) is hardy to zone 5 and will grow to a mature height of approximately 20’. If carefully treated, a mature dogwood tree species, such as the flowering dogwood, may reach 40 feet in height.

Flowering Dogwood | Plant | Britannica
Flowering Dogwood | Plant | Britannica from

The flowering dogwood will not survive a climate where the temperature. It’s a favorite for many reasons; This special flower has been used in many cultures for centuries as a symbol of rebirth, endurance, and purity.

This Special Flower Has Been Used In Many Cultures For Centuries As A Symbol Of Rebirth, Endurance, And Purity.

Flowering dogwoods are part of the family cornaceae which consists of many varying species. In the fall, the green leaves take on a burgundy red appearance. Read more about anthracnose here.

Beloved By Humans And Animals Alike.

The dogwood flower, also known as the blossoming dogwood, is an early spring flowering tree that blooms in different shades of white, pink, and red. Although the university of michigian herbarium lists c. Cornus florida is an icon among flowering trees native to eastern north america.

It Is The State Tree Of North Carolina.

A fungal disease that leaves blotchy brown spots on leaf veins. It is a common understory tree in wooded areas throughout the state. Flowering dogwood is recognized by most people for its spring floral display that can be white or pink.

Cornus Florida, The Flowering Dogwood, Is A Species Of Flowering Tree In The Family Cornaceae Native To Eastern North America And Northern Endemic Population Once Spanned From Southernmost Coastal Maine South To Northern Florida And West To The Mississippi River.

This is a good specimen tree for a location with acidic soil. Florida is from the latin “flos,” which means “flower” in reference to their showy flowers. This north american native boasts four season appeal as green leaves and tiered branches shade birds in the summer.

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A Dogwood Blossom With Its Four White Bracts.

Arbor walk #53, treekeeper id #1410. The flowering dogwood is one of the most celebrated trees of eastern forests. It’s a favorite for many reasons;

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