Cornus Florida Pink Varieties

Cornus Florida Pink Varieties. The following list is a selection of some of the most common varieties and cultivars in the trade. 20 to 25 feet width.

Cornus Florida Rubra | Buy Pink Flowering Dogwood Trees & Shrubs
Cornus Florida Rubra | Buy Pink Flowering Dogwood Trees & Shrubs from

Young plants are not particularly attractive, giving little idea of the glorious subjects they will become; Cornus florida is the old standby, being the most commonly recognized and usually the most readily available of the dogwood trees to be found at local garden centers. It grows up to 25 feet tall, and can spread up to 30 feet wide.

The Genus Name Comes From The Latin Word For Horn, Cornu, Most Likely In Reference To The Tree’s Hard, Dense Wood.

It is native from southeastern canada to eastern north america to eastern mexico. 20 to 30 feet flower color: The spruce / evgeniya vlasova.

The Wonderful Pink Blooms Of Cornus Florida Var.

Besides offering pretty pink blossoms in spring, both have foliage that turns purplish in fall, yield berries that attract birds, and have interesting horizontal branching patterns. Of all the varieties of dogwood, gardeners are most familiar with the flowering dogwood (cornus florida). In a stand of dogwoods devastated by anthracnose stood one lone tree.

This Beautiful Tree Is Interesting All Year, With Pink Or White Flowers In Late Winter Or Early Spring, Followed By Attractive Green Foliage.

In late summer, the leaves turn dark red and bright red berries appear in place of the flowers. Its blooms can appear in early through late spring. Their flowers are actually a deep pink with a white center and they are one of the smaller varieties of dogwood, growing to about 15 feet at their maximum height.

In Autumn, The Foliage Of The Flowering.

Cornus florida (flowering dogwood) is in the family cornaceae and native to eastern north america, from southern maine west to southern. Orton, jr of rutgers university, and they are a part of the stellar series. The hybrid flowering dogwood is a cross between the flowering dogwood, cornus florida, and kousa dogwood, cornus kousa, there are several cultivars available including 'aurora,' 'constellation,' 'stellar pink,' and 'celestial.' these plants were developed by elvin r.

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Cornus Florida Rubra This Is A Common Variety That Has Pink Through Red Flowers.

Which puts many off planting. For brief descriptions of cultivars, see dirr (1998), jacobson (1996), or santamour and mcardle [j. 20 to 30 feet width:

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